How Office Chairs Can Help You in Home Workspace

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I’ve been questioned very much about my chair and whether I still use the Ikea Markus. And the quick response is yes but it’s not the best. You should check out my full report on the chair in my other article. Furthermore, I have this other universal office chair that was a free gift but it also has its problems. Why? Well that’s what I need to talk about in the article, so you know exactly things I look for in the perfect task chair for my office.

So let’s begin with one of the most forgotten but in fact one of the most essential feature, the seat pan depth. Whenever you sit down with your back flush against the chair your legs need to hang over the side leaving approximately about 2-3 inches of area between the seat side and also the back of your legs.

If the seat pan is too short your legs don’t receive the correct support and if it’s too deep the seat will touch the rear of your legs cutting off circulation. Some inexpensive chairs may have minimal seat pan adjustment like knob to move the chair backwards and forwards, more advanced chairs will most likely have more adjustments for this however the ikea markus doesn’t have any so it’s not ideal for everyone.

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Next let’s look at seat height and this fairly standard in all chairs from low-cost to pricy.

You’ll need to set your chair low enough so your feet are securely backed up by the ground. And in addition so that your hands are high enough so your forearms are approximately parallel or slightly downward with the desk, and keep your shoulder close to your body. This does sometimes indicate you might need a foot rest in case your desk is too high or an adjustable table like mine, so I can adjust it right down to correct levels.

Arm rests are one more thing I find very important especially when you’re sitting for long durations. While not essential for everybody, at least for me I love to rely on something once in a while to take the bodyweight off my back.

The arm rests on the Ikea Markus don’t move and are also small lacking for me personally–too lean on sometimes. Most other office chairs like my generic one have at least height adjustable arm rests but I still have a trouble with these. I prefer take my chair really far forward so my forearms over the table and I also can keep my elbows close to my body so I’m not hitting or hunching over.

The issue with typical armrest is even at the smallest setting they can get in way when I attempt to put within my chair in. Top quality chairs will occasionally provide more adjustments to help you move them to the lower back or to the side in order to prevent this issue or if you don’t need them you can typically just take off the arm rests completely like I did for both my Ikea Markus and Universal chair.

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Anything else I look for in a chair is relatively standard, is the seat firm but comfortable?

-Check. Does the chair enable the back to lean and secure place when I need a modify of position?
-Check. Is the back support in the proper position for my comfort? Very good, Should I need a higher back and head rest? I really like the options. Does it so durable in the future? Only time will tell however until now so good.

So finally what’s the perfect office chair? Is the Ikea Markus ideal for me? Definitely not but it’s good for the price tag. When you can spend money on $800 plus on a office chair you can try the Steelcase or Herman Miller office chairs that are super customizable and are designed to last with extended warranties. And they’re seriously worth it especially when you’re sitting all day however if you can’t purchase them, Well there are several inexpensive alternatives like purchasing pre-owned, or thinking about models like the Alera Elusion or Office Master OM5.

These look interesting but you frequently make some sacrifices on adjustability, build quality and warranty as you move down the value ladder. Or maybe if you’re lucky the Ikea Markus as well as other cheap universal office chair might be perfect for you right out of the box.

But in the conclusion you’re have to test them out in individual and verify for all the stuff that I talked about like seat pan depth, height, and arm adjustments, to know what’s ideal for you. I hope that can help you find your ideal office chair.